Developing a Champion Mindset is easier than you think.

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There is a psychological element to winning in all competitive sports which cannot be denied. Most athletes train extensively to improve their physical skills and strategies, but the mental skills training needed for optimal performance is mostly neglected. For twenty years, Dr. Sharon Drake Petro has been helping youth athletes, committed recreational athletes, Olympic bound athletes, professional athletes, and business professionals–those who are serious and passionate about their sport and have a desire to improve–to win more by helping them to understand the psychology involved in reaching peak performance levels. 

Whether you are a business professional who takes your sport a little more seriously than your colleagues or an athlete with Olympic Team potential and aspirations, mental skills coaching can make a world of difference in your performance, and enjoyment, of your sport or exercise. While Dr. Petro's offices are located in Charlottesville, Virginia, sessions don't have to take place in the office. Clients have reported profound improvements from counseling sessions conducted over the telephone, or even virtually, using video conferencing technology

Elite Athletes

High school or college athlete who aspire to achieve the olympic or professional sports levels,  or professional athletes. {read more}

Competitive Athletes

The business professional, the fanatic, and those who just want to get better at their sport. {read more} 

Basic Mental Skills

Learn how mental skills training can improve your confidence, motivation, and performance. {read more}


Head Coaching has programs tailored to your specific athletic goals.

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