It's time to get even more serious about your Athletic Future.

You have been training your entire life to become the athlete you are. Whether you are already a professional athlete, or are on an Olympic team, or have been recruited to play at the College and University level, playing your sport at your best is going to require more than physical training. Head Coaching understands the commitment you have already made to becoming the best and will give you the psychological training and mental abilities you will need to reach even higher levels of sports performance.

More than just counseling

Counseling is a key component to creating your new mental toughness, increasing your mental abilities, and embedding a long-term psychological approach to your winning. However, if you want to really be the best, it is going to require much more. Dr. Petro will provide important practice tools and develop unique performance routines to complement your session work. 

The Elite Program | 12 sessions


This program is for the Elite athlete. Whether you are a business professional or an athlete vying for a position on the Olympic team, this program is likely the mental equivalent of the physical training you have been doing for your entire life. The program includes

  • Twelve one-on-one sessions with Dr. Petro. Sessions can be conducted face-to-face, by phone, and/or through video conferencing. These intensive sessions will take place weekly initially and will focus on establishing needed skills, drills, strategies, and techniques. Sessions will taper as your program proceeds, to monitor and modify strategies as needed.
  • Custom worksheets designed to put new knowledge into action and to keep track of your success
  • Unlimited Email support for questions and feedback
  • A Personal Performance workbook containing mental skills, drills, strategies, and techniques. 
  • Access to Dr. Petro by phone for questions and concerns.
  • Customized Imagery scripts – an amazing mental rehersal technique to allow you to practice and improve our performance anywhere and anytime
  • Customized performance routines – having established routines creates a comfortable and familiar mindset leading to reduced stress
  • A custom goal reaching system which uniquely addresses many effective techniques to help you reach your dreams
  • A Head Coach partnership in your endeavors, new sports strategies, and accountability and support

If you have any questions about these items, please contact Dr. Petro.

I came to Head Coaching because I had begun to plateau in my fencing career. Stress was building up, and I was not sure how to escape it. The first time I met with Sharon, I realized how necessary she would be in me life. I have found mental training is just as, if not more, important than physical training. Being mentally strong is vital to one’s performance. I have made a lot of progress throughout this year, and I attribute this to her helpful strategies, and also my faith. I strongly recommend Head Coaching to every athlete who wants to become successful, not just in their sport, but in life. You will see quite a change in your outlook on life as you work with Sharon.
— Stephani Dreschner, Ranked #1 Fencer in the World 2014-15, Two-time World Championship Team Member


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Sharon Petro has brought to my attention a whole new way of thinking while coaching. She has also empowered by skaters with the competitive edge by giving them the knowledge of her mental tactics. Sharon has been a vital part of my team’s success.
— Debbie Lewis | Figure Skating Coach

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I was about to give up when I contacted Dr. Petro, and I’m so glad I did. Working with her brought back the passion and drive I had always relied on as a professional athlete. With her help I emerged an even stronger competitor and person than before. I highly recommend Dr. Petro to anyone looking to gain better understanding of themselves, and a competitive advantage in any element of their career.
— Sarah B. | Virginia