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For over fifteen years, Head Coaching has been helping business professionals and others to increase their win record through sports counseling and consulting. Just because you're not a professional athlete, an Olympic hopeful, or a Division I recruit doesn't mean you can't benefit immensely from some sports counseling sessions and some of the other benefits from our programs.

Most of Dr. Petro's clients express the same initial concerns–they feel they have reached a plateau in their physical skill and ability, or are losing confidence, or are afraid to make mistakes, or have difficulty returning to play after an injury. However, after just a few counseling sessions, they report immediate improvements.

Head Coaching's Approach to Winning

At Head Coaching, Dr. Petro approaches every client and every counseling session with the same level of service and dedication. She begins by exploring your performance goals and concerns and determine current thought processes under competition, strengths, and weakness. Over time, she works with our athletes to develop specific mental skills and strategies and create techniques and drills to bring what we learn in the sessions to the competitive venue–practicing the psychological abilities in the same way you would work on your physical skills.

Dr. Petro can conduct these sessions in her office or home setting, over the phone, or through video conferencing technology. If you have any specific questions, please contact Head Coaching. We will get back to you quickly. 

Competitive Athlete Program | 8 Sessions


This Commitment program is much more than an explorationis an effective way for you to get started learning and practicing the basic mental skills training for peak performance, and includes

  • Eight one-on-one sessions with Dr. Petro. Sessions can be conudcted face-to-face, by phone, and/or through video conferencing.
  • Custom worksheets designed to put new knowledge into action and to keep track of your success
  • Email support for questions and feedback
  • A Personal Performance workbook containing mental skills, drills, strategies, and techniques. 
  • A Head Coach partnership in your endeavors, new sports strategies, and accountability and support

If you have any questions about these items, please contact Dr. Petro.


In the past three months, I have gained 10%-15% additional yardage with each club in my bag. Achieving the goal of learning to release the golf club had little to do with physical skills. It had every thing to do with the mental skills learned from Sharon Drake Petro.’’
— Darold, Financial Advisor and Recreational Golfer, Skype Client | Sacramento, CA

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First, Sharon helped me to reduce the tension I feel when approaching the ball–from an ‘8’ on a scale of 0-10, down to a ‘0.’ Once I had relaxed, I was better able to focus, not think about things I couldn’t control, and my confidence soared. Between her mental instruction and some follow-up tips from a golf professional, I improved my game by 10 strokes—the first time out.
— Jim, Recreational Golfer | Charlottesville, VA

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