Video Tips from Sharon Drake Petro, Ph.D.

These tips are from a series produced by Earless Rabbit, a media production company and internet entertainment channel, located in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Each 60-second film is designed to give a quick recommendation on how to improve in your sport through mental skills training. Dr. Petro is an expert in applied sports psychology and uses her education, training, and professional experience to help athletes win more through learning mental toughness and psychological skills in order to create a champion mindset.

Tip #1 | Change Your Story

Competitive sports is an emotional game, the key to a great performance is keeping our emotions at an optimal level. Sharon Petro shares how we can change our emotional perspective in the first installment of Heads Up! Coaching Tips on earless rabbit. Watch Tip #1.

Tip #2 | Trust Your Training

In this one-minute tip, Dr. Petro explains how to trust your training, to focus on the aspects of the sport which you are good at. Don't get distracted by the areas where you need to improve. Watch Tip #2.

Tip #3 | Trust Your Performance

In this one-minute tip, Dr. Petro explains how to trust your performance rather than becoming distracted. Remember to focus on what you can control rather than the distraction. Watch Tip #3.

Tip #4 | Refocus to the Present

Refocussing to the present moment rather than focusing on past mistakes is key to reach better levels of performance. Watch Tip #4.

Tip #5 | Find the "Right" Direction

Dr. Petro povides a great reminder in how athletes coach themselves during game play. This video tip explains what to do, and not to do, during competition. Watch Tip #5.

Tip #6 | Ask the Right Question

During competition, an athlete's thoughts can be preceded by questions which can direct or redirect our thinking. This tip helps define the right question to ask. Watch Tip #6.

Tip #7 | The Big Game

Dr. Petro gives a quick secret on how to approach an important contest in order to relieve some stress and anxiety. What Tip #7.

Tip #8 | A Confidence Boost

In this one-minute Tip, Dr. Petro explains an easier way to get a confidence lift. Watch Tip #8.

Tip #9 | Ignore Your Distractions

How does an athlete avoid distraction anyway? Dr. Petro has a good tip for replacing the distraction with something more important. Watch Tip #9.

Tip #10 | Accepting Your Mistakes

Mistakes are important information in improving and enjoying your sport more. Dr. Petro's tip helps to look at mistakes in a new light. Watch Tip #10.

Tip #11 | Get Specific

In this tip, Dr. Petro explains that athletes ought to have more than just a simple game plan. 
Watch Tip #11.

Tip #12 | Ask Better Questions

What exactly are the types of questions athletes should be asking, during practice or during competition. Dr. Petro provides a clue in this tip. Watch Tip #12.

Tip #13 | Training your Inner Coach

In this tip, athletes learn about how to handle their inner coach. Inner coaches need training too. Watch Tip #13.

Tip #14 | Observing Your Inner Dialogue

An athlete who studies his or her own inner dialogue will have an extreme advantage over competitors. Dr. Petro explains how. Watch Tip #14.

Tip #15 | Emotions and Your Inner Dialogue

Dr. Petro continues her tips regarding our inner coach, specifically regarding emotions. Watch Tip #15.

Tip #16 | Recording Your Thoughts

Keeping a daily log of your thoughts can be helpful to an athlete's inner coach. Dr. Petro explains how and why? Watch Tip #16.

Tip #17 | Recording Your Mistakes and Successes

Dr. Petro reminds athletes to record their successes too. There is an important reason to keep this record. Watch Tip #17.

Tip #18 | Creating a Supportive Inner Coach

It is more than just Positive Thinking. Dr. Petro suggests taking control of our inner coach and developing the right dialogues in order to improve. Watch Tip #18.