Program Two | Commit to Winning | 12 Sessions

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Program Two | Commit to Winning | 12 Sessions


This Commitment program is much more than an explorationis an effective way for you to get started learning and practicing the basic mental skills training for peak performance, and includes

  • Twelve 50-minute one-on-one sessions with Dr. Petro. Sessions can be conudcted face-to-face, by phone, and/or through video conferencing.
  • Custom worksheets designed to put new knowledge into action and to keep track of your success
  • Email support for questions and feedback
  • A Head Coach partnership in your endeavors, new sports strategies, and accountability and support
  • A Personal Performance workbook containing mental skills, drills, strategies, and techniques. The workbook is custom designed for you and your sport and will help you review and practice your mental skills for consistent optimal performance.

If you have any questions about these items, please contact Dr. Petro.

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